My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-01-31 11:17:27 (UTC)

The Terrors of Friday

School is just how I remembered it.
I have inly been back for 1 week and I am already dreading the next 9 weeks.
And to top that all off my 2 best friends in the entire world are fighting. I try to be happy and positive but it is so hard when I am constantly getting caught in the middle of arguments.
So what happened is my Best friends (B) was happily going out with a guy who is also my friend. So B decides that she isn't happy so they break up. But of course the guy couldn't make it easy. So she was very upset. 3 days after they break up, B gets a call from my other best friend (A), A is not very good with social situations so she asks B if it is okay if she goes out with her ex because he asked her out. B has known for a while that A likes him and B doesn't want to get in the way of her happiness, so she says okay. But that wasn't enough.
My friends and I have this find of tradition about going to this disco that is on every month, it is actually on this Friday. And I finally convinced B to come to this disco (Because she hates discos). It took months to persuade her. And then A calls up and says, are you going to the disco? So B replies yes. And then A says, would you mind if me and your ex go to the disco together and we can all meet up there. Of course though, like any sane person, B doesn't want to see her ex with her best friend after only breaking up just over a week before.
So long story short. After many, many arguments, headaches and confusion. My 3 closest friends (B, R and S) are going to get together and go to the disco. But we decided that we would not go like we normally would. Instead we are putting in place operation FAF.
Operation FAF stands for 'Operation Fancy As Fuck'. Basically we are going to dress up as fancily and prettily as we can and are hopefully going to meet some nice guys there.
I really hope this plan works but I have a feeling in my gut that it will end in arguments and tears. I have warned B, R and S about that feeling though they still are keen to go, so I will go with them.
I know it will turn out badly, but fingers crossed it isn't too bad.
We won't know until Friday night.

The quote that I believe will help me get through this is, "It always seems impossible until it is done." - Nelson Mandela. (It is actually on my wall!)


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