a step forward
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2015-01-30 20:21:45 (UTC)

the vendetta

No one knows the pulchritude of a vendetta, because no one knows how hatred,blocked memories, betrayal, verbal abuse and disappointment sounds. therefore i chose pens as knives and my attitude as guns, that ... my Tear IS what i call a revenge. It's an outlaw act, i'm aware of its consequences, but if to bring justice is my goal,i won't be having second thoughts about my decisions because even though it's risky, it's still the right thing to do. My promise has always been not to hurt anyone physically, but not to not hurt them mentally and emotionally.
People don't see the beauty in ugliness, dig alittle deeper, then you'd know why the beauty turned to a beast whom turned out to always had and will have a bright good side.

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