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2015-01-29 03:45:06 (UTC)

Louie And Maria.

Louie And Maria.


Young and naive

Recruited to the U.S. military

‘To a dark strange land

away in North korea

Far from his wife his one and only


A quien

Llamaba “Mi vida.”

A quien escribió

una carta

por si su vida perdia

December, 1950

Dear darling,

These surroundings are misery

Agony and adversity

Surround Korea’s atmosphere

Many have succumbed in battle

Insanity’s overwhelming


‘A distant flashback

“All I hope

is to see your beautiful smile

once more.”

Mas la carta

Nunca fue leida,

el soldado

nunca la enviaria.

Su querida maria

lo abria olvidado

pero no fue asi,

con esperanza seguía

Another lonesome night

Lies a worn out paintbrush

Stroking across an empty canvas

Creating a masterpiece

Relentlessly using creativity

Searching for hope within her painting

Pursuing wonder

“Where might he be?”

“He’ll come back one day,”

She must continue believing.

“Pero cuando?”

Los meses pasaban

y tan solo

se escuchaba

su llanto.

Louie tan solo


la temible armonia

de aquella

interminable guerra,

por la cual no

conocía la causa de tan devastante


?Pero que podria recordar, al pisar aquella mina?

Su vida estaba perdida,

sin ni siquiera recordar

a su querida Maria.

With a strong sense of Amnesia,

He’s forgotten his name.

Completely suffering a total loss of memory

Only being taught how to fire a gun

Precisely pointing a trigger towards the enemy.

“But who the hell is Maria?’

She seems familiar.

“I’ve heard her name before

I just don’t know from where.”

He trains in the rain

shooting, relentlessly

Feeling frustration

Louie continues, tossing grenades.

Intentando matar estres,

las explosiones eran una

dulce melodia.

Recordo pisar a quella mina,

por fin recordaba quién era Maria..

Cada gota de agua

era una lagrima caida.

?Por que cambiar una pintura de dia,

por una devastante sinfonía?

Pero ya no importa,

lo único en lo que

podia pensar

era en su amada


Despite recovering his memory,

Wasn’t enough to pursue happiness

“When I’m fighting in a war I don’t understand.”

The U.S Government meets no amends

Seasons have changed

Two years have perished

Despite his loving Maria

He can’t help thinking

Whether she has moved on

Has she been unloyal?

His back is growing weary

His attitude takes a turning point

Louie grows into a despairing human being.

Mas no todo era

como el creia.

Ella lloraba en sus pinturas,

a varios hombres ya habia rechazado.

Como olvidar al hombre

que mas habia amado

sin ni siquiera saber

lo que la habia pasado?

Pintaba y pintaba

dia tras dia

para nunca olvidar

lo que más le importaba en la vida.

Pero que pintaba?

Tal vez la lluvia que de sus ojos caída?

el bosque que su querido esposo vestia?

Tan solo pensaba en el tiempo

las cosas bellas que pudieron a ver forjado.

Todo eso lo guardaba en un lienzo,

un lienzo que jamás sería olvidado.


A final year of collapse

North Korea

left defeated

There’s no longer a mourn for

More American’s to be recruited

In between,

lies a few survivors

One is lucky Louie

His dreams

of holding his beloved Maria

we’re thought of as impossible.

‘He’d be dead,

‘Damned and forsaken!

Yet the great storm of war has passed

Like a delightful dream he finds himself

In the arms of his soulmate.

Louie y Maria,

los dos esperaban

una dulce sinfonía.

Los traumas permanecian,

mas con el amor

que nunca negaron

a este mundo traerian vida.

Una hermosa criatura de

ojos azules y piel Morena,

el arte más hermosa a quien llamarían


Authors Note a story behind: Writing, "Louie And Maria." Was an extremely sentimental experience. I give credit to my boyfriend, Sammy Villasenor, for writing the Spanish stanzas.

The moment our drama club advisor, Mr. Alvarado, asked us to write poetry merging two languages. I was almost certain that it was going to be a recipe of pure chaos. I had never experienced writing with anyone. Or worse writing in two tongues. I felt flabbergasted when we finished this in a matter of short hours. Our writing styles combined easily. It was a fun pleasurable experience to write with my babe.

~Yours Truly,