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2015-01-27 11:37:27 (UTC)

Thoughts during a blizzard - With Comments and more comments

i am in the midst of a blizzard -- home bound and unable to do much more than work on my computer and some chores around the house. i am all caught up on my online classes so i thought i would post this as You instructed.

So i visited with rachel Sunday after You left and it was very nice. We reminisced about the old days of Cassiopeia and shared some remembrances of people and activities -- including kc. rachel has always been somewhat of a "proper" girl, if that makes sense. she is surely obedient and respectful but she's not the type to be treated like trash in public, again if that makes sense. Get her in private with the right person and she'll do about anything! :-)

we spent about 90 minutes visiting, and as You might imagine it ended with Deborah using her. she eventually begged to be allowed to cum and Deborah had her verbalizing what a slut and cunt she is. she willingly proclaimed as instructed.

Deborah enjoyed it. It had been a long time since She was in this position and it was a fun time, not because of the Dominance involved but because She was with and controlling someone She feels close to and really enjoys being with.

So that brings me to the point of confusion. i don't think i feel comfortable falling into a "switch" position but i also find her fun to be with and engage in as we did Sunday. By the same token there is NO WAY i will forgo my relationship, my commitment, my allegiance to You. That i promise will never be compromised.

So there You have it. i hope this makes some sense and You can appreciate the rather difficult spot i find myself in. i am sure we will find some way to deal with it.

As i said i am home all day. If You are around later in the day or evening let me know. Not sure when i might be available so please let me know.

Much love,



Master is very pleased that you used your blizzard time wisely and brought Him up to speed. There was not a shred of doubt that Deborah would take that girl and use her. Precisely why you were left alone for that reunion. Of course you will stay obedient to Me and you will also be reminded that you are a slut and cunt as well. Whatever Deborah needs to do for that visiting slut will be considered and approved or disapproved by Master.

Much Love Back.

Your Master


Thank You for considering this, Master. i look forward to visiting with her more. And i miss You terribly. Perhaps tomorrow evening (Thursday) for a short time?



Its Thursday evening and no word so i presume tonight won't work for You. Keep in mind we leave in the wee hours Saturday and return the following Sunday night (2/8). i hope You have a nice 10 days or so......i will think of You often.

Perhaps You can visit with rachel!



and here I am am sad that I missed you

have a good trip and think of Master often