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2015-01-27 06:40:23 (UTC)

Pinched Nerve

I have pinched nerve (my back area) which basically means I am in so much pain when I get up and walk. Sleeping too can be very uncomfortable.
Sometimes I seriously wonder why I still play football.

I have more or less agreed to a new contract at work a different role.
I am still at a loss why my contract was not renewed but that is life. What is really curious is that my boss’s boss is the person that gave me the bad news and up till now (over a week after) my boss hasn’t said anything even though he has very poor communication skills you would expect him to have said something at least. I must say I am very disappointed especially when I hear they are recruiting someone else in he team. If the person they are recruiting is a permanent staff then I can spin it to myself that it is cost cutting (as they pay permanents staff much less that contract staff). Even if this is the case we have 3 contractors in the team, I still blame myself, I should have become more indispensable than I am. To be fair on me I don’t really like the job but it is not an excuse, I should have been more determined and be an expert in the role. I hope I have learnt my lesson.

Now I move into a new role which I prefer as it is closer to the trading floor and I interact more with the business. I plan to work very hard in this role. I am a bit disappointed on the financial package as they took advantage of the money I am paid in my current role and are basically paying me the same (I am in a poor bargaining position cos I more or less lost my job) even though they advertised the job for a much higher pay. Anyway I need to take in on the chin for now and ‘deal with the cards life gives me’. I will take the job even though I have opportunities to go for higher paid job interviews. I don’t want to destroy the bridges I have built at my work place as I had to use my connection to get this job and they have stopped trying to recruit for the job. I will use my current salary to settle the divorce (which is in April) and after that I will get a higher paid job. So I have from now until max June (this is a 6 months contract) to get myself skilled enough (by going through my books and studying hard) to get myself ready for a better paid job. The ball is in my court. There is also another angle to this. There is a good chance the business I am pursuing will start by summer this year so I may have to leave my full time job and go and start running this business, time will tell. So many things happening but I just have to concentrate and do what is in my power. There is also the added pressure of getting all the documents and responses ready to submit to the courts in exactly a week’s time.