A lady in the crowd
2015-01-24 21:39:38 (UTC)

Living The Fast Lane.

What's that over there!
I turn with a curious glance
Never failing to capture
My attention,
'I refuse to show affection.

temporary bliss
Hell a lot of trouble
Danger lies ahead
Not now

This could have been avoided
I knew these laws inside and out
Freely choosing to break all rules
Living the fast lane
Becoming an outlaw.

Covering up my tracks.
Delete all possibilities of evidence
Analyzing my foot steps
Today's not my day
No conviction.

No court
Nor jury
Final verdict
Drop the gable
This is no a game, nor gamble.

What if this is all a dream within a dream?
Wake me up
Erase all of my mistakes
"That's not how life functions,"
Mamma always scowled.

I'm taking a new road
Under the speed limit
Living the
Slow lane.
What's the need to break all of these simple rules?

Causing destruction
Leading to consequences
We've gotten a good grip at ignorance
Naively we want to grow up too fast
Stay a child while you can.

~Yours Truly,