A lady in the crowd
2015-01-19 22:05:16 (UTC)

Changing For The Better.

I'm known to be a heartless and arrogant character. My close friends know I don't do relationships. I was one whom always said, "We're nothing special nor exclusive." My reputation for being a tease carefree heart breaker was strong. Recently they have noticed that I've changed. People like my (past-tense) friends with benefits, Arthur Hernandez. Under his eyes he believes that my perspective on love has evolved. Evelyn Jimenez and Gladys Yepez also noted it. They tell me that it's the way my eyes brighten up whenever I say his name. I smile and can talk about how lucky I am to be able to call him mine.

"I've never seen you show commitment. You're ideal expectations were always a motive for leaving." It's hard to believe that it's the truth. I always dumped them because they caught my attention, yet they never managed to be worth dedication and appreciating.

Sammy and I have took a different route with our relationship. We introduced each other to our parents. We wake up at 5 o clock in the morning to watch the sunrise; to go for a short morning run. Despite being a sophomore while he's a senior, I manage to see him as a delicate hourglass. It warms my heart that I have the privilege to be his first girlfriend. It's inspires me to take each move carefully and slowly, because it matters a lot to me that we have an enduring healthy relationship. Overall my darling has helped me change my ways into growing into a generous person.

He supports both my intuition and ambition; I've been more happy and successful since being along his side. He's doesn't even know this, but he's the reason why I've been practicing Spanish. His parents only speak Spanish, and I don't want to make a stuttering fool out of myself. I read every night to become fluent in a language I despise.

~Yours Truly,