My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-01-22 09:49:34 (UTC)

The Stars Are So Close Now

Quotes are a strange thing.
Most of the world just remember inspirational quotes., "I have a dream..." - Martin Luther King.
But for some reason it is the less popular ones that stick with me. Mostly the lines from the books I love so much. Even just the small ones like, "I would always come back for you." - Puck, The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa.
If somebody ever said that to me I would feel so loved and special and unique. I would not be able to wipe a grin off my face for days and the moment that person had said that would be burned into my memory forever.

As I have been hinting at though my favourite quote ever is "I am on a roller coaster that only goes up." - Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
This single quote gives me so much inspiration that sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through the day. My imagination has expanded from this one line. It has comprehended it further than many would. That life is a roller coaster, and even though it has its ups and downs, eventually you will reach the stars. And even though you are in control of that roller coaster, sometimes you loose control. And throughout the ride, there will be many people to get on and off that roller coaster.
I am so lucky, I believe that right now the stars are so close that I will reach them soon. And hopefully when I reach the stars, all of the people I love and hold in my heart will still be with me on the roller coaster that is my life.
Although I have lost one persons love recently, and that is very upsetting. It has made others love for me even more fiercer. And my love for them, impossibly more fiercer. I never knew I could love people so much.

As well as quotes helping me get through the day, I need music. Music is one of the few things that holds emotions for anything and everything. Music can even connect to quotes. For instance the song Celloverse by 2cellos makes its audience think of stars and the universe and a place where everything is infinite. Quite like the quote I was just talking about.

But no day an be complete without a combination of certain things. These things are:
Love, Music and Inspiration.

Another thing that make anything even more amazing, is books and reading. However, I currently need a new book series to read - If anyone happens to read this please comment or message me suggestions for books to read. Preferably in the fantasy genre for young adults, but I am willing to try something new.