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2015-01-21 08:22:04 (UTC)

This n That

Not very happy with myself.

I have back pain which Is a bit of an excuse but I should still be doing more work on my business and career (that is, waking up early).

Work is a bit strange. I have 2 weeks or so left to go. My direct boss hasn’t still said anything to me, which is very poor communication skills. His boss was the one that told me my contract would not be renewed while he was on holiday and he came back and has not said anything. I am a bit disappointed how it has happened, You can’t help but question your ability. The good thing is that I know what is inside me but maybe I just need to show it better and take some roles better. Having said that I believe it is for the better because I have been offered a role in my old team within the same bank which would pay more, more relevant o my skills and I enjoy the role better so it all ends well really. I just need the new contract to be offered formerly so that I can sign it and no for sure I am starting with them once this contract ends. Right now although they have said the contract is just going through the usual obligatory sign off I am still very nervous about it. I cannot afford not to work at this time.