deanne and Connor

our dialog
2015-01-19 11:00:20 (UTC)

As instructed...

i am home today because of the holiday and i suspect You are at work. So this is a good opportunity for me to write as instructed.

Our visit Saturday was once again intense. You making me proclaim what and who i am to Jan was an incredible turn on. Nobody in the world knows our secret and yet if there was anyone i would come close to trusting with it, it would be her.

The thought of me proclaiming my commitment and allegiance to You, as Your slut, whore, cunt -- anything and everything -- was beyond exciting. And as i sat here typing i was muttering it to myself and getting more and more turned on.

Never in a million years could i have dreamed of this sort of relationship in my life. i think back to that day You visited Cass and we clicked, and reflect on the journey of the last several years, and i can only wonder what lies ahead.

i hope You share my thoughts. i am excited and proud to be owned by You, my first Husband and my only Owner.

Your loving and devoted cunt,