A lady in the crowd
2015-01-17 05:39:06 (UTC)

Narcissistic: Blake Oliver.

Dear Blake,
Such strange words
He won't compromise
Nothing matters to him.

Carrying a significant strive
Of pride and arrogance
'Self centeredness.

A Narcissistic personality
Always being right.
Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton
Are wrong
Such naïve laws on gravity
This world revolves around Blake Oliver.

Underneath artificial preservatives
'Layers and layers,
Lies a weak scrawny boy
Curled up in a tiny ball
Hiding in a darkened corner of a room
And nobody knows his name.

Beyond all his achievements
Success and climbing ladders
In society's caste system
Lies an insecure broken boy
Uncontrollably sobbing and trembling
Who's Constantly telling himself
'screaming at the top of his lungs
"You worthless failure!"

~Yours Truly,