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2015-01-15 08:55:20 (UTC)

winter break: Stumble

hey everyone
winter break update
my status never really had didnt really changed
just straight up fuck up. holidays were hella slow
nothin really came out of, just same old same old.....
so i was here last week but didnt have the time to post anythin
new?? so thats pretty much it....

friends where bouts'
my close friends Ari, Rachele, Vivi and Fina; its alot things to say on this entry, i will try to make short as possble..... Rachele & Ari are gettin jobs :( (good for them but im sad i havent seen either of them last year).... okay im sory im being selfish. okay now my buds Vivi
&Fina, so on Vivi (church girl )
id strong feels for years now; anyway WERID topic came up going to HEAVEN and Death, so i told her drop the cause my own issues that trigger it. Fina is the greatest girl in the world she leavin in spring to finish college im very happy for her also sad as well...

last night (didnt fall a sleep until 10p)
id cried to myself to sleep last nite it was sooo horrible
thus whole week has been really a mess. last weekend gone to my local library and well my feet found amazin book called The distance btween us by kasie west.... yay me going back this wknd im hoping to find the book again ...

i woke up feeling very sick and numb with alot hurt inside my head and heart; my stomach didnt want food it was to shaken up all the crap i have to deal with. but, i ate anyway had ceral and said a quick prayer
and went on with my day.

next week (Tues)
going back to school wish me luck!?!:/
age 20