A lady in the crowd
2015-01-15 14:52:42 (UTC)

Suicidal Thoughts.

There are some mornings where I am exhausted from waking up, I have a much better time when I'm unconscious. Everyday is like a severe overwhelming nightmare. When you wake up from a nightmare, you feel relieved. The worst part is over, most importantly you're safe.

When I sleep I'm at peace, when I wake up living becomes my horrifying nightmare. I could sleep forever; put myself to rest with a bottle of Uncle Jaime's pills for Schizophrenia. Closing my eyes and not waking up again. Fading into blackness and losing my sanity entirely.
But I won't.

I refuse to take the easy way out of living. If I can take it then I can make it. Above all, I'm not a coward.

~Yours Truly,