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2015-01-13 06:33:16 (UTC)

Letter to my parents

Daddy and Mummy,

How are you?

I called both your phones this morning but they were both just ringing may be you were already at the university.

The court case on Friday was okay. The judge just basically went through all the questions we sent to the court requesting that the other party provide answers based on the financial declaration of both of us. The process was just to determine if there were questions that were not valid. We now have until 05-Feb to provide answers with other documentary evidence requested. I have to produce a lot of documentary evidence especially regarding the land I sold and bank statements and others. Ultimately I don’t have anything to hide so I am at peace. At the time when both of you were here, I am so happy for the stance you took and made me make sure I declared everything to her. Right now she is the one running around scheming trying to hide and disguise many things, that is how God works. She is disguising the following:-
(1) All the family savings in her possession – she has secretly transferred them to a Swiss account using her brother’s account. As God would have it she has fallen out with her brother and he confirmed she used his account to transfer the money to Switzerland. I already have my evidence of her opening a Swiss account as I was at home when the postman came with the bank details (I signed for it). I couldn’t open them but I took a picture of the envelope showing the PO Box of the Source of the letter.
(2) The Car she bought – She used her brother to buy the car so claims he is just lending her the car in the meantime. She will fail on this because I will request the vehicle registration (although I think she registered the vehicle in his name), Insurance document (which would be in her name). She also purchased a personalised plate number for the vehicle and I can see the transaction in her bank statement she had to declare. I now need to go through the bank statements to see exactly when she must have transferred the money to her brother for the purchase of the car.
(3) She claims she has debt owed to the Tax man. This is also a smokescreen. Due to the nature of our employment when we contract we use an employment vehicle to receive salary. The tax man is unhappy about this and the case is currently in court but in the meantime the tax man has written everyone stating the debt they owe the tax man. This is the letter she has presented. I have the same letter. I would prove that it is still a case in court so she cannot present it otherwise I will present mine as well.
(4) She claims she did not know of the other property investments until after the fact and she told me to sell the property we owned so she shouldn’t be associated with the debts. I will present all the evidence I have.
(5) She claims my credit card debts – the one that were matrimonial were already paid for. I have emails and credit card statements to disprove her.
(6) She is asking for all the transaction history of my stock market investment. This is the woman I begged for several months that we should invest in the stock market. She refused until her brother told her about it and after we eventually did she harassed me until I withdrew all our investments. I then went on to form an investment club using the same account. She now wants to share out of the money of our investment club.

I am going to fall foul with the sale of the land and the remortgages on the family home I did but I am hoping the loss on the other property investments will net them out. We would then be left with the family home. The judge from what he has said so far is going to most likely suggest we sell the house but he did ask both of us what we thought about what should happen to the house and I told him one party should stay there with the children while the other party goes to find rental accommodation and the proceeds from the eventual sale of the house would be shared as judged. I will also need to show that all the money I spent on my sport betting business and also on my own sport betting are all documented and shown. I can’t hide away from that.

She has a big problem on her hands now. Will she continue to say she doesn’t have a Swiss account and risk everything? Also I think by mistake she sent me a phone conversation history with her cousin for the last 2 years which shows her discussing several things. This is the person that is bugging me and has been scheming for years to claim she is the primary carer of the children etc. I don’t scheme or do anything underhand but just leave it to God and things are falling my way. No one can ever cheat God and the truth would always come out whether good or bad. Surely I have done some bad things but I have come out and admitted them and my conscience is clear. She is now the worried one.

I will try and call you later today.

Your son