My Crazy, Amazing, Messed up Life
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2015-01-13 04:23:38 (UTC)

Happy and Sad

Why is it so hard to get a job at a young age!
I know I'm young, and that I don't have the experience level that you want me to have. But how am I going to get experience if you won't give me a job?!

But at least now I have gotten over my break up. Which put me in a good mood... until I got another job rejection email.
I am recovering with music, chocolate and FanFiction though so I will be ok soon.

On the bright side I am lucky enough to be going to a 2cellos concert tomorrow night!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!
And my friends and I have been 'boy hunting' at the local shops which is a lot of fun until you accidently end up following a guy around...
I swear it wasn't on purpose! We were just both hungry at the same time.

There have been lots of ups and downs for me recently.
But "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up."
As Augustus Waters (The Fault in Out Stars) says.


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