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2015-01-12 15:05:09 (UTC)

1/10/105 Saturday

Another sad day because of him. Woke up at 2. We did again. He was taking a shower while the text came in. Looked at it, it was from Sophie. So asked him who that was. He was dumb enough to give me password. Checked all his wechat. He was flirting with an old woman found on wechat. Also the girl he met from Lao ma new place. The girl used to work at eplus. He was asking her to come after 2 after he told me to wait for him last night. Also he was asking to go hotel with the old woman. I was so furious and so hurt. Yelled at him for one hour. Took $120 From his wallet. Cried over course. H ed had nothing much to explain just said I didn't pick up his calls what I expect him to do. I'm do hurt I'm do in love with him but he just see me as one one of one of the girls he can play and fuck! He left. Roger was on his way. I was in a bad mood but still had to take them out. Was giving Roger attitude. His actions wasn't proper either. R and g dinner. Drop them off. Decided to go drink so asked Phil and cousins. Took them to a strip club for the first time. Home drank more.

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