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2001-10-10 18:53:51 (UTC)

Wednesday, October 10th 2001 (146pm)

I just came from sleeping at Fraser Hall. I was suppose to
go finish off some reading for psychology, but I ended up
snoozing away. How pathetic! :)

How do I feel today. Maybe I should start jotting down all
the thoughts I had throughout the day. It would be a great
way of soothing away bad memories.

Since I am starting to run out of money, I have to start
working pretty soon. It is obvious I am horrible at
controlling the usage of money with the credit card. How
horrible! :)I just pray that the interview goes well this
weekend. It would help me out financially. The scholarship
I am applying to through Andy would help me out a lot as
well. Hopefully everything goes well. I can feel that most
of my future is on my hands from now on. What a
responsibility! How scary! :*