A lady in the crowd
2015-01-10 19:40:21 (UTC)

"He's My Romeo; I'm His Juliet."

"He's My Romeo; I'm His Juliet."

Tell Juliet how ugly she is
Kick her impregnated stomach
Causing a miscarriage.

Write her poetry
Explaining how much your
Truly Sorry,
Because you'll always love her.

Yang her hair,
She loves to hurt
And bleed
Teach her lectures
Until she loses

That's how it works
She's subordinate, inferior, an un-superior.
Without you she's nothing.

Romeo's got anger management
He's beginning to lose count of the
Hits, punches, kicks, knife threats,
But who's counting?

He refuses counseling
Yet it's still a happy day
The sun continues shining.

Juliet won't leave Romeo
Theirs no divorce filing
Nor abusive relationship case in court.
They're meant to be together,
'Together they move mountains.

Absolutely in denial
Developing a distorted mentality,
Days turn into months
Months become years
Before she knows it
She can't imagine life without him.

'She'll be lost.
'She'll be nothing.

Actually Romeo's right
It's Juliet's fault
Of course,
She didn't deserve it
'She should've seen it coming
Should've known better
After the first punch.

Romeo won't change
Juliet won't leave.

Authors Note: I was a controversial figure on my reservation when I was a kid. Being , arrogant, mouthy and opinionated; nothing has changed.

~Yours Truly,