A lady in the crowd
2015-01-10 16:56:02 (UTC)

Winter Time.

I don't mind anyone with a busy schedule. Yet when they rub it in your face; practically screaming, "I'm always busy!" Complainers shouldn't mistake movement for achievement. It's easy to get faked out and overconfident by being busy. The question is, "Busy doing what?"

These winter days are a marvelous time for comfort. The color of winter is in the imagination, so why hate a little cold breeze? It was a Tuesday morning, the first day of High School returning from holiday vacation. The majority looked hung over; they didn't want to be here. Within hundreds of exhausted faces, stood out a few that were happy to be back, like me.

I felt anxious to check synergy. My mouth hung open, likewise my friends had the same flabbergasted expression."Congratulations!" They shrieked giving me a hug. Straight A's for first semester: A 4.17 GPA. Not too shabby!

The afternoon was special. Sammy and I had our one month anniversary. We went on a date at a Chinese restaurant, Yum Yum's. We work together as team, therefore teamwork is consistent. Our personalities fit perfectly together like Winter and a sweater.

Alison Luna and I are going to conditioning for track. I reunited with Amna and Cross Country coach, Mr.Rojas. I walked home feeling good and hungry. I was in the middle of finishing my six tacos, when a knock on the door interrupted my feast.

Dalia, a woman in her mid thirties, who always watched me when I worked for Yolanda. She came to ask if I could tutor her child, also how much money I charged for pay. I have to think it out carefully. Yolanda is a woman with money, therefore I made twenty dollars within two hours. Meanwhile Dalia rents a small apartment behind Yolanda's home. She's a full time housewife, and her husband is a field worker. I have to make a balance, in which it's worth the time spent, and I'm not ripping them off either.

~Yours Truly,