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2015-01-09 09:00:02 (UTC)

Court Date

Today is the court date. To be honest it is a first appointment that will last on average 30 minutes so not too much to it. I will see as things pan out. I will put my case forward and let the judge do his work. I have done a lot of soul searching and still in a trance to be honest regarding the loss of my job. At the forefront of everything would be the welfare of my children. Irrespective of the court decision I will still lookout for the welfare of my children. I don’t expect a decision for at least another 2 meetings. At that time I will do God’s will.

Losing my contract has been a shock to me and if I don’t get a job I really do not have a clue how I would survive. It is imperative that my business picks up. I need to apply more pressure on my partners so that we can move quicker. I have so much to do and I need to be at peace to accomplish all the things I need to do.

Hopefully the court case would be settled and we can all go our separate ways soon. I need to look forward, settle down in my new environment and have a regular pattern with the children be it seeing them every other weekend if I am still in the country.

I need to get the business moving in the right direction while still showing understanding and patience especially with my partners.