A lady in the crowd
2015-01-07 04:20:22 (UTC)

Cheer Up Kid.

I didn't want to be a reason behind their frown, because I wanted to be the reason behind their laughter and smiles. Plenty asked me if something was wrong, yet I only saw it as an act curtsy, never generosity.

At times I find myself in silence; I stared at the ground and easily lose myself completely. Feeling like the Earth could swallow me whole. All of my thoughts dance in an unbreakable rhythm of dark thoughts, and I listen to my dear miserable music. Making my head pound with an immense pain, as if someone was repetitively slamming my head against congruent with their full force.

I've been dealing with this silent war in my mind for years. Me against a monstrous demon, my inner self. I shall be victories one day, I'll successfully be able to say that I defeated depression.

~Yours Truly,