Story of a Girl
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2015-01-04 22:59:47 (UTC)

Great day today

One of the few days where I've enjoyed myself. :)

8:12AM - My mom came in to wake me up. We would be heading to the mountains at 10am, so we had an hour to get dressed & prepare. She'd be making breakfast while we prepared. I didn't know how to dress, though... It NEVER snows in my part of city, so I've never owned clothes that are appropriate for the snowy weather. I asked my mom, & she told me to wear extra pants. I wore my pajama pants & my favorite black sweats. I also wore a pink, long sleeved turtle neck that I've had since 2010. (It still fits... Wow.) I wore some combats boots that I found in my closet.. I feel like those in the military; they've got their boots & baggy-ish pants. It's all comfy though.

8:35AM - I'm all packed & ready to go. Guy came over to see if I had an extra backpack he could borrow... I didn't know he was going. I asked my mom is his family was coming with us, & he was. It makes sense, since his mom is a part of the religious group thing that my mom is in. Yay, at least I have company now! I fucking love Guy's company, just as much as I loved Leó's company... Speaking of Elías, I really wish he could've been here with us. I wanted the twins to come, but Elías was back in Europe & Elízabeth was going to spend the entire day with some old friends.. If they came, they would've made the car ride interesting.

8:55AM - MY MOM IS LETTING US BRING THE DOGS. YES. YES YES YES. We've NEVER taken the dogs to the mountains. They'd finally see snow! Ever since we first got our dogs, we've bought them clothes for the winter. We even have little booties for them! I didn't hesitate to put doggy sweaters on both Taz & Bella. They both have doggy backpacks, where I put some of their dog food in a ziplock back. Then, I put the ziplock bag inside their backpacks. They looked adorable! I'd put their actual winter outfits once we were there.

9:25AM - We're sitting down eating breakfast. My mom was talking to Rocco about our childhood when I brought up a show from the past. When I was little, my mom used to put on a show about a woman. She sang, & she had a lot of stars on her. I remember her being called "Estrellita." (Star) I asked my mom if she remembered her, & her name was Tatiana. I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR HER FOR TWO YEARS. WOWOWOWOW.

10:10AM - We're finally leaving! Rocco & my mom are taking the large truck. They're sitting in the front, Guy is on my left, & I'm on the right. Rocco Jr. is behind Guy, Briana is sitting in the middle, & Gladys is behind me. Guy's parents are taking their seperate car. His parents are taking Lizbeth & Betty with them, since they're great friends with Guy's sister. They're also taking Gordo & Gorda. Right now we stopped at a Smart Final store near our house to buy some things. I'm sitting with Guy, just rocking out to some mainstream songs that don't play anymore on the radio, like LMFAO - I'm Sexy & I Know It.

10:30AM - My mom finally came back from the store. She bought Gatorade & a large bag of chips for everyone. Yesss!

10:34AM - I brought my homework with me to "work on" during the car ride to the mountains... I LEFT MY FUCKING PENCIL AT HOME. They've got pens in the car, but I know myself; I'll probably make numerous mistakes & leave my paper covered up in pen scribbles. Sigh.

10:36AM - Rocco stopped at a Wells Fargo... Do they happen to have pencils in there? WHAT IF I WRITE MY ANSWERS ON MY PHONE, & THEN JUST WRITE THEM ON PAPER ONCE I GET HOME? That's not such a bad idea... I'll think about it.

10:48AM - On Thursday night, one of my dad's friends arrived. She spent the night at our house in his guest room. My siblings & I never left our rooms, so it was as if she had the house to herself. My dad had bought us all a bag of hot cheetos, but my sister Lizbeth left hers out. The lady that stayed with us opened it & ate all the cheetos. She left the bag in its place. On Saturday, once she had left, Lizbeth went to grab of cheetos only to realize that her bag was empty. My dad bought her another bag... except it was twice as big as mine. She kept the bag until today. She was eating them in the car when we stopped at a gasoline station. My mom came back with the EXACT same back for HER. "I'm ballin' today!" No fair.

11:14AM - We're on the road leading up to the mountains, & it's kind of... empty here. There are very few houses out here, but they're all very pretty & they look expensive. A reminder that it's all empty here... Someone decided to have a yard sale. WHO HAS A YARD SALE IN THE MIDDLE OF EMPTINESS? Also, the radio is starting to fade out. The awkward, silent car ride will be commencing soon.

11:22AM - To all my friends on Snapchat, be prepared to waste over two hundred seconds of your life if you watch my story. Sorry. (Not really.)

11:33AM - Guy is trying to convince me that a Chupacabra lives in the mountains.

"Look, the Chupacabra lives up there!"


"I see the Cucuy in that hole..."


"Shut down."

"I'm gonna feed you to the Chupacabra."

"So you admit that there IS a Chupacabra up there?"

11:38AM - Briana's crying, ha! We're on the road, but there's no railing. She's scared of heights... but she can't even see the ground from where she's sitting! If anything, /I/ should be the one crying. I'm the one sitting on the side with no railing.

11:45AM - Guy is dancing in his seat & it's just really awkward. He looks like he's having a seizure. No, not a seizure. It's kinda like when you drop a bunch of cold water or ice down someone's back, & they do this little wiggle thing. Except his wiggle is 100x worse.


"I'm about to cry. I'm so sorry but your dancing is so bad, it's laughable."

11:55AM - We're finally here! We parked our car, we put on our jackets & gloves, & we're about to make our way down the small hill thing.

11:56AM - I forgot how much I hated walking down the hill thing. I almost slid.

12:00PM - The first thing I did was gather snow to make a snowman... Heheh. Guy & I broke out into a duet as we built the snowman. "Bianca, do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a...snowman." "GO AWAY, GUY." "Okay, byeee." The bottom of our snowman got ran over by a kid on a sled... We gave up all hope on building a snowman.

12:12PM - I made my first snowball ever! I was going to take a picture of it until Briana threw it on the ground... F you.

12:17PM - My mom helped me make another snowball, which I added onto mine. I named my snowball Olaf. I eventually did end up adding a little more snow, & now it's a deformed, mini snowman. Aww.

12:30PM - It's time to go home already... We only came because it was Rocco's last day here before he moved to Texas. He wouldn't be coming back until spring, to pick us up, so he wanted to take photos there. Guy's family is moving too, since his parents are part of the religious goup, & his father is traveling with my mom's husband.

12:38PM - I KICKED OLAF AS I WAS GETTING INTO THE CAR. I'M SO SAD. Olaf is now--literally--resting in peaces... or, pIEces. Haha. Bad joke is bad. I'll stop.


1:25PM - We're parked at a Walmart nearby. My mom & Rocco went inside to buy sone things. Briana is playing Subway Surfers in the backseat, Gladys is looking out the window, Rocco Jr. is asleep, & Guy is playing Fun Run 2. I'm... bored.

1:46PM - "We're just going to pick up 3 little things" my ass.

1:47PM - (it's like they heard me complain) OH HEY, WELCOME BACK. It took 21 minutes to buy a suitcase? Alrighty then.

2:45PM - We're less than 5 minutes away from my house. We're all going to change into something casual & go downtown for a walk... I really need to work on my homework though.

3:49PM - I've showered & changed clothes; all ready to go. I'm gonna move some files onto my USB so I can make room to take pictures/videos of downtown. I've got a few extra minutes to work on my homework... but I REALLY don't want to. Procrastination is my best friend. Always. Anyway, I went over to Guy's house when I was done. He had just finished showering, & was getting ready to change. Since he didn't care, I chose something out for him.

"Uh... I didn't know I had any of this." I picked out a navy blue sweater with a white shirt underneath.

"You'll get all the nice girls, though."

I can't speak for other girls, but I like when guys dress nicely--nicely, as in they don't have Gucci/Diamond/Swag clothes. I'm a sucker for guys with sweaters/sweater vests. IT'S LIKE THE TUXEDO EFFECT FOR ME.

4:25PM - We're all heading out! The sun is starting to set, & it's getting a little cold outside. We stopped at the "madrina's" house, but she wasn't there. My mom & her husband were asking each other if they wanted to wait or just leave... which led to talking louder. (Pretty close to arguing) Now we're heading back home to pick up some money, & it's just really awkward in the car.

4:42PM - Briana & I are picking on each other.

"Does the tree not like me?"

"That's because no one likes you. Only you like yourself."

"Bianca, have you SEEN yourself?"

"I don't like myself either. But you know what? When I look at myself in the mirror, I scare myself more than YOU ever will." With that, she shut up. It's a running gag between the few mutual friends we have. She's ALWAYS trying to scare me, but she's never succeeded. Whenever I get the opportunity to remind her that she can't scare me, I take it & she always keeps quiet. It's hilarious sometimes, when my comebacks are actually GOOD.

4:49PM - We stopped at a McDonald's nearby to get something to eat, & "my song" came on.

"Ama, ¿le puede subir? ¿Un poquito? ¿No? Okay pues." (Mom, can you turn it up? A little bit? No? Okay then.)

"Espérate, mija. Está hablando." (Wait, honey. He's talking.) My mom hushed me.

Briana laughed at me, "OOOOH, SHE DIDN'T TURN THE VOLUME UP. OOOOH."

I took my opportunity, as always, "Actually, it's okay. If she turned up the volume, all the bass would've scared me... something you've never done before." She flipped the bird. All my comebacks were shitty, but they shut her up & that's all I really wanted.

As we were paying, my mom realized she couldn't find the cash money, but Guy was willing to help pay the rest. I was incredibly embarrassed.

"Thanks for paying... that was embarrassing."

"It's okay, you'll pay me back."

"Oh, yeah. Totally." I DIDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY.

"I'm just kidding. It's totally fine. I once lost maybe fifty dollars in cash. Hope that motherfucker spent it on something worthy."

Two minutes later, my mom found the money in her back pocket & paid him back.

4:58PM - We're pointing out our "chin fat" to each other. We're looking at each other with our triple chins & saying "hurr hurr hurr." All friends do this, right?

5:51PM - We're finally here! We're currently looking for a parking spot in one of the buildings here. I can't wait to take pictures of everything!

6:38PM - My mom wanted to take a picture of me sitting by a fountain. As she was taking a picture, a man slowly walked over & stood in front of the camera. Seriously? Once she was done, he walked back to his beer stand. THE FUCK, DUDE. If I ever see you, I'll probably do the same thing to you.

7:09PM - We spent about an hour walking to my favorite place downtown... only to find out that it's been canceled. SIGH. At least I've got YouTube to relive the moment, kinda.

7:25PM - We found a replacement show... or, THOUGHT we did. It starts every half hour, & we waited until 7:30 only to be told that there wouldn't be a 7:30PM show. Today's definitely our day, yep.

7:50PM - We were passing by one of the buildings, & we noticed they added a mini ice skating rink. It took me a minute, but I saw Elízabeth skating BEAUTIFULLY on the ice. She made everyone else look bad, haha. (I recognized her because of her spins.) She's been taking ice skating lessons for about two years, & they're definitely paying off. A lot of the teenagers & kids moved towards the edge to watch. I think I'll congratulate her once she's home.

8:20PM - Water show! I've never been a big fan of them, but they play often, so I always end up watching one; two, if I'm lucky.


8:37PM - We're all getting ready to head home now. My legs are tired, & that's exactly what I need to fall asleep before midnight tonight... As soon as I get home, I'm gonna start working on my homework. I have one essay for English class, but that's due on Tuesday, so I can work on that tomorrow. (I already have my notes, I just need to actually write the rough & final draft.) I have a study guide for my geometry class, & THAT was homework, so that's my first priority right now. I've got another study guide for my Spanish Uni class, but it's completely okay if I leave it empty. I ALSO need to memorize my music for the basketball game on Tuesday... which can take a REALLY long time. The songs that I need memorized are all pretty easy; I've got the notes memorized, I just need to memorize them in the right order. (The songs are all pretty repetitive.)

There's someone dressed as Olaf, & Guy rolled down his window to shout, "HEY OLAF, DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?" Olaf replied with, "DOES IT HAVE TO BE A SNOWMAN?" Oh man. I wish I could've recorded it for Snapchat!

9:20PM - We made a 20 minute stop, but we're home now. It took me about 32 minutes to get settled down & get things prepared for school tomorrow. It's now 10:01PM, & I'm gonna start working on my geometry study guide. My class is honors, but half the class is made up of freshman who don't do shit. There's also sophomores, & a few juniors & seniors... but NO ONE does shit in there. We're the teacher's worst class. "This is the silliest honors class I've ever taught. I feel like I am babysitting little babies." I KNOW for a fact that I won't be the only one who didn't do any work, but I at least want to have SOMETHING written down, y'know? My teacher wrote some trigonometry notes on the board the day before our break officially started. Half our packet is full of those notes, & only 5 or 6 people wrote those notes--myself included.

I'm jamming out to Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know right now (it's now Breaking Benjamin - Without You. Frick yeah!) as I begin working on my study guide. By the time I post this entry, it'll probably be 10:30 or 11:00PM. I'll be in bed, telling myself I need to sleep but I'll also tell myself, "5 more minutes. Gotta like those instagram photos first."

I guess today was pretty good. It's a rarity to go to the mountains & downtown, even though we've been living here for years. I was planning on staying home to finish all my work, but... Fuck it. I was given the opportunity to leave the house, & I took that opportunity. It may have taken away time from doing the work I was supposed to do a week ago, but it was worth it.

I'm actually a LITTLE excited for tomorrow. Now that Guy's back, I'll be able to see him during some of my classes. It'll be nice to have him back. I've missed him.

Ah. Good day, I guess. It was a nice way to end my winter break. Goooooodnight, diary.

Edit: It's 10:19PM. I'm still working on my study guide, but I've been getting a bit distracted. There's 4 pages, both have things printed on either side. Most of the pages have 5 or 6 questions, so it's not that bad... But I kind of forgot EVERYTHING. I've been googling some answers because I left all my old notes in Jazzy's locker. I'll google the answers now, & actually study the notes tomorrow. I feel so bad for forgetting all the formulas & examples.. I want to say that I won't procrastinate anymore, but I'd be lying to myself.

Edit: 10:42PM, I'm gonna go to sleep, I swear. I just need to view the videos I took & I'll go to sleep. I'm listening to STWO - Virgo & it's actually making me kinda sleepy. Ah. Goodnighty, journal. Diary. It's all the same to me.