The Unknown Girl
2015-01-02 15:31:30 (UTC)


I've been cleaning my room all day today and at the same time I was thinking and wondering, what do you answer the queston "what' wrong?" when nothing seems to right?
- I got nothing... But I guess that you just eather lie or you just smile and say nothing.

What to do when nothing seems to go right?
- I became in a conclusion that you just sit and wait to things to go the right way. At the same time you try to live with the fact that everything sucks at the moment, but you got to believe in better times and that things will be okay eventually.

What happens after when you just can't hadle shit anymore? When you're just done with your live.
How do you get back up when there's no reason to do so ?
How to wake up in the Morning when you can't find anything to wake up for ?
- I've been there many many times and I still don't know how I got back up and how I wake up in the Morning knowing that the day won't be anny better than the last one. But somehow i always get up, wake up and survive from everything.
" Eat, breath, sleep, wake up and do it all over again until one day it's just not as hard anymore. " -Nina

These are my thoughts, just mine,if you have other answers to these questons, you can put me a message so I can think about these from another angel. :)