A lady in the crowd
2015-01-02 08:22:56 (UTC)

New Years Resolution: Default!

Cheers to a new beginnings! Too a New Year, 365 days closer to death! Yesterday was spent with family; we had a reunion at Regina's house. A few folks were natives from San Quintin. My close friend, Gustavo, and I set up fireworks. We feasted on posole and homemade choclate cake.The atmosphere reeked of cheap tequila and vodka. Corridos and ranchera blasted full volume through the speakers. An overwhelming scent of burning wood came from the untamed bonfire.

New Years Eve, the favorite night of the drunks. Their New Years resolution is quitting drinking, smoking, the drugs, all of the bad habits. No one should have to wait till New Years to quit, all I mourn is to be consistent in my passions. Consistency shows endurance: that'll show results. Same Anne different year. To hell with imcomplete resolutions.

I was awakened by strangers. I was flabbergasted to met family members from San Jose and San Francisco. Generous people whom invited me into their home saying, "Mi casa es tu casa."

~Yours truly,