A Sad Tale
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2001-10-10 18:35:24 (UTC)

How depressing

Wednesday, 10th October

Today is the day. Jon's gone and i feel so lonely, no one to hug me
or tell me its ok. I keep telling myself, "it wont be long, sleep
away the nights and the days will carry faster" but nothing can stop
the dark feeling inside.
I was looking something up in french today, the dictionary fell open
and the first word i saw was "deprimé" meaning depressed. How
I'm feeling really ill today, and i hope that the anti biotics ive
got will start to work, cos i really hate being ill. Especially when
i cant see Jon.
I have a picture of him and his gorgeous blue eyes looking at me and
smiling in my head. I hope so much that i never lose this image from
my mind.

I miss you babe and i want you back.

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