A lady in the crowd
2014-12-29 15:11:06 (UTC)

Haunting Flashbacks.

I awoke at dawn and did my daily naked yoga session. Why strip naked? It's a way of freedom that allows me to be comfortable in my own skin. This type of yoga allows me to accept and love myself to the core. After I finished kneeling, prone, inversions, and balances. I gazed at the clock and saw that it was barely 5:25 AM It was a fresh morning, perfect for biking. Normally there were townspeople who walked their German Shepard's, including energetic runners with their headphones blasting so loud, that I'm able to hear the music when they run past me.
Not today.
All streets were abandoned and there were no moving vehicles in sight.

I roamed lifeless streets that held a special sentimental meaning. Carrying dozens of vivid memories and an untouchable flashbacks. I accepted that their are no rewinds when it comes to the past. I'm happy that those beautiful moments happened. Saying my farewells was sudden and purely flabbergasting; I said goodbye without even realizing it.

Cold lonesome sunrises like these, revive those memories. Times that seem completely forgotten, yet they catch me by surprise. Finding a way to come back and haunt me. I should hate flashbacks, yet I cannot. I'm strong enough to smile and laugh at those memories. I kept pedaling and laughed alone like a maniac.

I've learned that living is like riding a bike, in order to keep balance I must keep moving.

~Yours truly,