No one I know knows this exists
2014-12-28 12:49:16 (UTC)

I started off feeling righteous

There's this game called Ingress, it involves going to specific locations and destroying enemy stuff. One of the awards is to hold a portal for 150 days and I knew this enemy had pegged all his hopes on this one out of the way portal. I've been a bit shitty because the local enemy players have stopped playing... I guess I have too much free time and I hurt their feelings by destroying them too much. Anyways, I decided to walk out to the portal in question and destroy it. After I destroyed it, I read a pleading message 'please no' then 'please no, I'm overseas and can't defend'. followed by 'fuck you'. I responded with 'ah man, now I feel bad'. I started chatting with my team for moral/conscience support. It's their own fault, if they kept playing the game, I'd have stuff to kill nearby and I'd have no reason to venture so far away from my bastion.

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