A lady in the crowd
2014-12-27 05:44:11 (UTC)

Wild Side.

On Christmas evening, Sammy visited my noble home in Mexicali. He gave me a handcrafted wooden ornament. My name was beautifully carved in red. Secondly, I received the book I was striving for,"The Giver."

He has a fascination for swords, therefore the face Sammy made when he laid eyes on his new Ninja Machete was priceless. I had also given him a letter; working on it for two hours was worth it. Anything to see that cheerful smile that melts my heart.

I had introduced him to my Mother. She approved of our relationship and was won over by his irresistible charm.
"He's got a serious look, and he's calm. While you, you're wild and crazy," My Mother said laughing.
I told her, "Looks deceive, he's got a wild side. He's crazy like me. If not then crazier."
I couldn't understand Regina's reasoning. She didn't believe me, nor that I had finally met someone who may be wilder than a rebel, like myself.

~Yours truly,