2014-12-26 19:11:57 (UTC)

It's All Okay

"Mall & Misery" by Broken Bells

December 26, 2014 Friday 6:12 PM

I'm so happy!!!

So, yesterday, my family arrived:

and his friend, Brian.

Brian is cute, aw. He's kinda annoying at times but I like him. He's very pretty and friendly and he was leaning on my shoulder and he said it was insanely comfortable. People say that a lot, actually, but it was still nice and he's a boy so my tummy did some weird things but hey it's all good.

Also, I think he may have kind of been flirting with me. Like he asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no (because I very rarely get attention from boys). He almost walked in on me without pants, haha. I was changing and my sister left the door on so he might've seen my booty but that's okay. My butt is pretty nice. Yeah. JUST MAKING IT CLEAR, I am not related to Brian.

But seriously, my family is amazing. Marissa is so friendly and talkative and fun and she also leans on me, hugs me, tells me she loves me. My aunt and uncle are so nice and GG is quiet but I like that about him.

I love them. They're so fuckin relaxed, so different from my dad's side of the family. Having them here is so much fun and I don't even feel crowded. I think my mom is really happy. She loved crowded houses.


I GO TO A PLAY ON SUNDAY WITH OLIVIA, YAYYYY. I'M EXCITED AS FUCK. Olivia is wonderful. I get really paranoid that she's going to get annoyed at me or something but so far, so good and yeah, I love her. She's special. I don't believe in destiny but I can tell when people have a connection and I have a connection with her. We just click and it's so natural to be friends.

Her cousin is Alicia who is nice and pretty but, eh, I just remember how in Peer Leadership she kept talking during my turn and I was so deeply annoyed. Alicia is still really good and all but I do prefer Olivia.

I am worried since she said she doesn't really like the play we're going to so hopefully I can keep her from wanting to tear her hair out by using my *flips hair* amazing wit.

(Nevermind the fact that I'm not witty)

Things are really good. My lexapro was upped to 15 mg too. But mostly I think what helps is my people: my family and my friends.

Yeah, I really just wanted to talk about how amazing my family is. We all went to the park and let my dog run around and kinda just hung out there until dark.

I'm glad they seem to enjoy our shitty house. Like, we have furniture graffitied from our childhood and old flowers, plus gross looking carpeting (it's not even comfortable) and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling but they're like, "Whatever" and it's all okay.

It's All okay.

Everything is okay.

I love being able to say that. It always feels a bit like a luxury but I suppose that's also okay.