A lady in the crowd
2014-12-25 20:28:22 (UTC)

Unexpected Phone Call.

My eyes have their own vocabulary; its own language with a hidden code. I closely observed my iris, and wondered what the look in my eyes said. What am I supposed to feel when my biological father, who I haven't heard of for over five years calls. Wishing me a Merry Christmas, and promising me that he'll find a way to see me.
Me, a stranger who is Martin Lee's daughter.

I felt a outraged. I took deep breathes and slowly began to count to ten. It didn't work. The anger worsened. I punched a wall, which left a hole in the middle of the white wall. I slammed the door of my home and decided to run. Run until this feeling in my heart leave.

After years of endlessly searching for him. I had given up and accepted that Martin Lee is a coward. I had my fathers new phone number. I thought of calling, but then I asked myself why would I want to talk to a man who wanted me aborted. He abandoned me for a reason.

It's ironic how you finally decide to stop looking for something, then alone, it'll come to you.

~Yours truly,