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2014-12-25 11:38:21 (UTC)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. It is my prayer today that no matter your circumstances you will find some happiness not just today but longer term. It is a season of goodwill so my wish is that we all find goodwill and our lives would be much happier.
I am about to go and open presents with the kids. We are all going to have breakfast and late lunch together as a family which would be a bit awkward as we are not a family anymore. She asked me yesterday if I want to join them for breakfast and late lunch. I agreed to it. It would be our final Christmas together (the five of us). It is just the 5 of us in the house today. It is a bit sad that it is over but it is what it is we just need to make the best of the current situation.
After Boxing Day it would be like ‘let the hostility begin’ because we would be exchanging court papers querying and probing each other’s financial declaration we made to the court. These forms have to be sent to court by boxing day but I am sending mine the following Monday (29th Dec). She has already sent hers to court so we exchange these forms late on Sunday or on the same day I send mine to court.
Basically she had declared she has no money but I can see that she has transferred all her funds away from her account and I think to Switzerland. So I would be querying these transactions and asking for more documentation. I would also be querying her claim that she owes a lot of Tax which is not strictly correct. I would also show that she was suppose to pay off my credit card debts which she stopped doing and kept all her funds to pay off her debts and now hiding the money. I expect her to also request funds from the land I sold without her knowledge back in 2011 (not sure how far she would get with that), she would also raise the fact that I remortgaged the house (I pay the mortgage) and that my credit card debts are personal debts (only a small portion of it).
In short it would not be pretty so let us just enjoy Christmas for now!