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2014-12-25 01:02:16 (UTC)

The God Created Creature we call man.

The God Created Creature we call man~

When we continue to focus on being the best we can we acknowledge that we are created to bring about the Lord's glory. Tomorrow is tomorrow, it will be what it will be, try to stay focused on here right now, in the moment.When practicing the moment, we have the power to control the mind. Certainly we are capable of fulfilling our need for nourishing from our own experiences to bring about the positive and not so much the negative.

Although we do consider both the balance to bring about a truly enjoyable experience with our family, and friends...remember when your out & about with our family & friends try the best you can to have fun and enjoy the time well spent together, to fulfill our purpose of a loving freedom together we grow in this devotional...Therefore; The God Created Creature We Call Man...HAVE FUN!!!

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