The Real Me
2014-12-23 16:08:06 (UTC)

December Dumpage.

What is it with me and getting contonously dumped by people. Do i really suck this bad at dating? ive only been not dating for 2 years ffs.

I really dont know what to do anymore.
This really sucks
And it hurts
Am i cursed or something?

Infact I havnt even been dumped ive been casually ignored and made to realize that I need to take this as being dumped.

i was seeing him for 4 months and a bit now...this is really fucking painful because hahaha I thought he was different. ok i do sound stupid when i say that out allowed.

Man I just dont know what to do ...what should i do? life general....just what do i do?...i find it hard to like people...i liked him...he doesnt give a shit about me.

I feel lonley....oh well...its because i am alone and theres nothing i can do but marinate in my lonliness.

Atleast i still have a job and they havnt dumped me too...that was probably worse...

Stay positive...stay positive...dont let it hurt...let it go. Its ok...its ok...its ok...its its not.