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2014-12-23 03:12:02 (UTC)

The Freedom of Music~

Music is music, it's also a way of life...An adventure into realms of curiosity and enjoyment. It doesn't have any specific status.It is simply free to enjoy. Music doesn't have any specific ways of finding it's purpose or the way you share music with friends, it's just free to enjoy, no boundaries or specific rules of nature, just free... Music doesn't have guidelines or rules. It's not how you play the game, for it doesn't matter, just free. Music was meant to be shared amongst friends for the adventure to share together and yes capable in unveiling the sanctuary of emotions & peace of mind to enjoy,free. Music is music and just that. A different perspective of freedom as the mighty eagle soaring into the realms of passion and harmony. The freedom of music...Therefore; we have been blessed.Together we stand free...The freedom of music.Just free.