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2014-12-22 21:21:48 (UTC)

The Rythem of Productivity~

So we say~ what is the mind and what kind of reaction does it play in our daily agendas??? It seems kind of strange sometimes when trying to figure out what the mind desires.We already have a positive attitude, and we know we're free, it is just a phenomena to explore the spiritual mind. They say that self awareness is the right reflection enduring wisdom. Could be. so have hope that we can gather up productivity to actually we consider a sacred myth and yes beautiful...

As far as what the mind desires. we search and analyze every thought that comes to mind. Well my attitude tells us we desire joy.And to be mentally comfortable daily and every day. Consider this.

So again. what is the mind. Well its a phenomena ready to spreads it's wings into forever. So take a deep breath and acknowledge that yes we are loved and free...What !!! practice your living skills for the rest of your life and not to worry, be happy. edited by STRAYPOWER... All Systems Go...LOVE IT!

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