Story of a Girl
2014-12-20 16:37:20 (UTC)


It all started in my freshman year of high school. I was given detention for almost starting a fight during class... but the kid was taking my stuff, & I was getting pretty irritated. I shouldn't have threatened him with my shoe.. At the time, Elías was a senior. He had detention almost on a daily basis; this time, he had gotten in a fight. Since we shared 7th period together, we walked together to our detention room, 625. Our school was made up of 3 buildings. However, we had too many extra rooms, so these rooms could be "rented" by the teachers for any event; parties, projects... detention.

Our detention room was one of those rooms. When we walked in to the classroom, there were 5 rows of desks, & 5 desks across. There was one kid, sitting in the first row, second seat from the top. He was wearing a football tee & he was muscular, so I instantly assumed he was an athlete. He gave Leó a weird look, almost a scared look, & Leó kept his natural blank look. I led Elías to the back of the room; I sat in the third row, first seat from the top, & Leó sat to my left. We all kept quiet, & another student walked in.

He instantly caught my attention with his ginger-colored hair. It looked so... soft. I wanted to touch it /so/ bad! He wore glasses, & they suited him nicely. He smiled at us, & sat two seats in front of the athlete. After he sat down, two other students walked in; a girl & a guy. The guy looked almost exactly as Jeremy Shada, except with darker hair, & he was just... so cute! Not as cute as my Elí, though. The girl walked in behind him. She was pretty tall for a girl, & she was pretty. She had short, curly hair & she wore a pink, layered dress. The guy sat in the first seat of the second row, & the girl sat two seats from Elí.

The clock struck 2:30PM. Our detention had began. The teacher, Mr. Hong, walked in.

"Something's off, but oh well... Welcome all to detention. I assume you all know why you're here?"

Elías slouched in his seat & muttered under his breath, "Because your sense of judgement is fucked."

Mr. Hong turned around to glare at El, "Mr. Leonard, would you like to extend your detention?"

"No, sir."

"That's what I thought."

The athlete kid turned to look at Elí, who was playing with his pencil. "Is your last name really Leonard? That's kinda cool."

"No, it's not. Leonard is my middle name... Or, Leónardo. Same difference kind of thing."


The Shada guy shuffled around in his seat. Elías & I were passing notes, but we were unfortunately caught by Mr. Hong. Mr. Hong read our note to everyone else. ""This is utter bullshit." "I know! Let's just get through this.." "It's not fair. I fought back in self defense but I get detention. The other kid threw the first punch but he gets away scotch-free!" "I'm sorry... All the teachers here are.. yknow."" Mr. Hong crumpled up our note & threw it away, "Are you sure you don't want to extend your detention? It certainly sounds like it."

"No, sir. I'm satisfied with my current length."

"I don't want to hear or see any more of this."

"Yes, sir."

Mr. Hong took a seat at the desk as soon as someone walked through the door. He was tall, & he kinda looked like the last dude that walked in. He was blasting his heavy metal music though his earbuds, & he dressed in all dark clothing.

"Ah, look who decided to make an appearance. Mr. Decota, glad you decided to join us!" Mr. Hong spoke sarcastically.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world! I just /love/ spending every day with you. I'll be taking my seat now." The guy spoke equally as sarcastic.. but the way he spoke reminded me of a rebel I saw on television, so I nicknamed him the Rebel. He sat in the seat of the last row, so that there was an empty seat between us.

"Alright... Now that everyone's here... I've got somewhere else to be in the building. I'll be across the hallway, so I'll be able to hear you if any of you decide to open your mouths. Be quiet, stay in your seats. I'll be back in 90 minutes." With that, Mr. Hong left the classroom. As soon as he left, the rebel put his feet up on the desk.

"Well well well... Looks like Mister Hot-Smart-Foreign-Gets-All-The-Ladies guy is back in detention. It's nice to see ya, how ya doin', bud?" The rebel kid asked Elías.

"Fuck off, Decota." Elías muttered.

"Aha... You're still the same; stubborn as always... Typical. I've never seen any of you goody goodies except for Mister Hot guy over here. What brings you all here? Did you guys permanently borrow the teacher's pen? HA." Rebel asked us all.

"I forgot to cite a source in my essay paper. It was an honest mistake." The guy with the glasses replied.

"You're a huge fucking nerd. What 'bout you, football player?"

"Threw a basketball, hit some dude's nuts."

The rebel guy winced. "Ouch. What about you, mister good looking up at the front?"

"...Told the teacher to shut up." The guy spoke quietly.

"Well, aren't you a badass," the rebel said sarcastically, "and you, girl with the hair in the dress?" He looked over at the girl sitting in front of Elí.

"What about me?" She snarled. The rebel guy was taken back by this. "Why are you here?"

"Fucks like you piss me off."

"You're funny... Ooh, we got a pretty one over here. What brings you here, Princess?" He was talking to me, wasn't he? I had my arms crossed & I was looking at my desk, but I could see him smirking out of the corner of my eye. "My name's not Princess, asshole."

"Ohoho! You've got a big mouth for a... /Freshman./" How the fuck did he know I was a freshman? I was so close to punching him in the face.

"I'll personally rip your dick off & staple it back together if you don't stop talking to me."

He laughed. "Are you mad? Did you start your period early? You must've. Aw, poor princess." He laughed even more.

I heard a "Shit." escape from the ginger.

"Leave her alone, dude.." The Jeremy Shada-looking guy said.

The rebel just kept laughing, "Ahaha, lighten up. I like 'em feisty."

In that instant, Elías literally jumped from his desk & tackled the rebel on the floor. They began fighting, & I couldn't help but watch. The guys ran over to watch & help split them up, but the girl was in the same state I was; paralyzed.

"What the heck is going on in here!?" Mr. Hong yelled out as he ran into the room to see the two guys beating each other to pulps. "Boys, help!" He yelled out again as he tried to split the boys up. The teacher & the athlete held back the rebel & the other two dudes held back El.

"You son of a bitch!" Elías was able to get one last punch on the other dude.

"Cut it out, both of you! You've both earned yourself another detention tomorrow after school." After they calmed down, Mr. Hong spoke again, "I can't be here watching over you, but whatever it was, cut it out. Get back in your seats. I don't want any of you laying a finger on each other. Behave." Mr. Hong left the room again, & we all went back to our seats.

"I've gotta say, you've definitely gotten stronger. You bruised me up already." The rebel winced as he touched his arm.

"Shut the fuck up, Stephen." Elías muttered.

"Stephen, eh?" I looked at the Stephen kid. He just looked at me. "It's not that bad a name... I never got yours. What's your name, Princess?"

I kept quiet.

"I think they're gonna fight again..." The ginger told the athlete, who nodded slowly in reply.

"We can hear you." Elías spoke up.

"So, you gonna tell me your name... or nah?" Stephen asked me again.


"Huh... Pretty name for a pretty princess."

Elías reached over to grab my hand, & he coughed. Stephen picked up the hint.

Stephen smiled, "Aha... Wait, so... You two... You're with.. /that/ guy? Hahaha! He doesn't deserve you; you're too pretty. You could do better."

We all kept quiet for a while, until I decided to break the ice. The silence was getting uncomfortable.

"So... What are your names?" I asked everyone else.

"I'm Thayne," the guy with the football tee replied, "& that guy is Rick." He pointed over to the guy with the glasses. Did they already know each other? Ah, I didn't really care.

"I'm Damien." The Jeremy Shada lookalike said quietly.

"And I'm Amber." the girl spoke just as quietly.

"Aw, you guys all have pretty names!" I smiled at them all, & they smiled back.

The teacher had came back to check up on us. Since we were being quiet, Mr. Hong allowed us to move freely around the room, as long as we didn't start fighting again. I felt Stephen staring at me, but I ignored it for a while.

In that time, we all learned a lot about each other. We all enjoyed listening to alternative rock, so Elías put on alt. rock songs like "Away From the Sun" by Three Doors Down & "Mistakes" by Panic! at The Disco. I learned that Thayne hated sports, but his family wanted him to go pro in football. He loved all kinds of music, & he loved Thai food. Oh, he was a Sophomore. Rick's favorite subject was Chemistry, & he loved the rain. He could burp the alphabet & his parents were divorced, like mine, & he was also a freshman. Damien was a Senior who loved Panic! At the Disco & he was born in Canada. He loves English & he wants to work in the Medical field like Elías. Amber loves anything to do with Romance, & she absolutely loves Plain White T's. She's diabetic & she works at a local music store near our school. She was a sophomore.

"You're really pretty."

We all turned around to look at Stephen, who was /still/ staring at me.

"Uh, excuse me?" Amber gave him a weird look.

"Not you, the pretty one.... Shorts, boots, tank top with the sweater."

"I'm not pretty? You're not one to talk, so fuck you. Also, it's a cardigan, high waisted shorts & combat boots. They're not the same thing, idiot."

"I don't fucking care." Stephen glared at her & turned around to look at me, "You're. Really. Pretty."

"Thank you?"

He didn't look away & it was starting to bother me... "Why do you keep looking at me?"

"No reason." He was still looking at me.

"Well... can you look away?"

"What color are your eyes?" What was he trying to get at?


"They look grey, or blue-ish green. You have big, pretty eyes. I like them."

"...Thanks, I guess."

He made it really awkward, but I went back to talking with everyone else. Stephen didn't speak up until 20 minutes later.

"How the hell did someone like /him/ get someone like... /you?/ It doesn't make sense." Stephen asked.

"Maybe it's because I'm not a dick & I actually respect women? Just a guess." Elías replied instantly.

"Or maybe it's because you have money.."

We all ignored him for the rest of our detention. At the end when we were able to go home, we all added each other on Facebook. We continued to talk to each other out in the hallways & during lunch. We had really hit it off!

I hadn't had detention in over a month, since I behaved better in class. I was doing well... until my teacher had given me another detention for not turning in my work.

Elías had detention as well in the same room as me, so we both walked to 625, where we had our previous detention. We had gotten there a little early, so we took some extra time to kiss. That kiss turned into something... better. We were basically shoving our tongues down each other's throats.

"That's fucking gross." We both stopped & looked up to see Stephen taking a seat at his desk.

"Holy hell, Stephen got here before I did!" Damien said as he walked into the classroom. As soon as he sat down, Thayne walked in as well. "Woah, why so early, skaterboy?"

"I heard Princess over here had detention. It's been so long since we last spoke... I figured I'd come to talk to her alone, but I ended up walking in on a porn scene."

"It wasn't even that bad.." I said sheepishly. Stephen raised an eyebrow, & he walked over to kneel in front of me.

"Mm... It was bad. I really thought you were innocent, but I guess not. You do dirty, dirty things..." His face was closing in on mine, & I was starting to panic.

"Leave her alone." I had no idea Elí was standing behind me. Stephen smirked & stood up. "Or else what?"

"Everyone take a seat!" The teacher had walked in before Elías could even lay a finger on Steph. They gave each other a nasty look & they both sat down.

This teacher wasn't Mr. Hong. We all sat for two hours in complete & utter silence... It was horrible. Detention went by slowly, but we were eventually able to go home. As I was gathering my things, Elías pulled me over. "Hey, d'you mind walking home alone? I've got practice in 7 minutes & I won't be able to drive you home & make it back in time. I can't be late to this.."

"Yeah, I understand. Have fun at practice! I'll see you later when you get home."

"Thank you so much," he kissed my forehead, "Eu te amo muito, muito mesmo... meu amor." Our lips touched for a minute.

"Yo te amo mucho más, jeje." We kissed again, & he left the room.

I started my walk home. Elías usually walked with me wherever I went, but now that I was walking by myself, it felt kind of weird... but it also felt kind of nice.


I screamed so, so loud... I think it might've been heard from thousands of miles away. I turned around to come face to face with... Stephen.


"Dude, what the hell!? What are you doing here?" I punched his arm.

"I heard you were walking alone... I can't let a pretty princess walk all by herself."

"Stop calling me that, that's not my name."

"I'll call you what I want, cupcake."

"Wait wait... are you walking me home?"


It was the weirdest... the /weirdest/ walk home I've ever experienced, but I got to know the real him. He wasn't as bad as I thought he was. His parents were divorced, he preferred milk chocolate over dark chocolate, & heavy metal was his thing. (I guess I kind of already knew that.)

"Well... This is my stop. I'm sorry, but I can't get you that foreign soda you asked for. Thanks for uh, walking me home... See ya whenever." I was about to turn around until he grabbed my wrist.

"Ah ah ah... Can I trade my soda for something else then?"

"Like what?"

"Hm... Hmmmmmm... how about your /number?/"

"HA. Bye." Again, I was going to turn around but his grip tightened.

"Aw, c'mon... Don't be like that. We're basically friends now, & friends text each other."


"Sweet baby Jesus, yes!"

I was a little hesitant to give him my phone number because... Leó. 'Nuff said. But in the end, we exchanged phone numbers & I spent the majority of my afternoon texting him.

We bonded over weeks, & we became really good friends. We hung out sometimes, much to Elí's dismay. He wasn't very happy about us being friends, but he was friends with his ex & I never complained... it was only fair, right? There was one day in particular that changed me a bit.

Stephen was on his skateboard when he passed by my house. Since he was already in the neighborhood, he decided to trespass into my backyard, where I was hanging out on the swings with my younger sister. I was a bit bothered that he had just trespassed, but I dropped it. We were hanging out on the swings when he started talking about an issue his family was having.

"My mom's moving to Texas, & I have to go with her. We're going to Dallas."

"Aw... Do you know what school?"

"Timber Creek. It sounds ghetto as fuck, but whatever."

"How long are you staying there?"

"A year or two. I might come back, but you'll probably have graduated by then. Will ya miss me?"

"Oh... I hate to say it, but I /might/ just miss you. Just a little."

He had a goofy smirk on his face, "Just a little?"


"Can I tell you something?"

"You killed a goat?"

"The hell? No... I wanna be serious."

"I'm listening."

"You should give /me/ a four second kiss."

"...Why? And why four seconds?"

"Four is my lucky number." He winked, & I just smiled.

"Nah. Not gonna happen... I don't cheat."

"But I'm leaving."

"Don't care. That doesn't change my decision."

"What if I die on the flight there?"

"Well, I'm sorry? I'll hope you rest in peace."

"Haha... okay. I'll get that damned kiss someday. Just watch!" He laughed.

"Ha, sure. You keep telling yourself that."

I didn't expect for him to pull me up from my seat so he could /kiss/ me. I didn't expect for Betty to call Elí for help. I couldn't move-- I was frozen. It took me what felt like forever to finally feel my movement. I finally moved, & could see the boys fighting on the ground. I saw the blood on the rocks, & I was starting to get terrified. (Now that I know him better, I should've expected it... He's so predictable.)

"Stop! He's bleeding!"

"But he--"

"I don't care, just stop!" I was screaming, & that was more than enough to convince him to get off of Steph...

I must've been crying-- I didn't feel myself tearing up-- because Elías was wiping my tears away... His hands & face were covered in blood.

Stephen got up from the ground. He touched the back of his head, & when he looked at his hand, it was covered in blood as well. The rocks where they fought were painted red, too...

"Leave." Elías threw the skateboard at Steph, & he rushed him out. I wanted to help clean them both up.. But I couldn't.

I had trouble sleeping that night. All I could think about was the blood. When I closed my eyes, all I saw was red. Blood covered rocks, blood covered clothing, blood covered skin...

I ignored Stephen for a week or two. I wanted to talk to him, to see if he was okay... But I couldn't bring myself to talk to me. He messaged me the night before he boarded his flight. The message was his apology, & I forgave him. We promised we'd talk after he moved... But we never did. His parents got him a new phone, & I couldn't contact him over Facebook since he had deactivated his account. I hoped he was doing well.

I became best friends with Amber, Damien, Thayne, & Rick. We're all great, great friends, & we still talk to this day. Rick & Amber hit their 6 month anniversary on January 5th, 2015. Damien was a Senior when we all met in detention, & he's graduated. He occasionally comes to visit us after school, but he's been busy with the holidays, lately.

It's been a year since I last spoke to Stephen. I kind of miss him... He was someone I genuinely liked talking to. He made some bad decisions, he was pervy, but I really enjoyed being his friend.

On Thursday the 18th, I received a nice surprise message on Facebook.

"Seems like the Princess has forgotten all about me! ;"("

We spent the night talking through Facebook... He's moving back to my city & the same school for the new semester.

I remember all this because of the Breakfast Club... They Breakfast Club is something similar to this. Five students get detention, & they realize they have more in common.

When I think about Stephen & everyone else, I think about us reenacting the entire BC movie. Doesn't it kind of sound like it? I think it does. I'll always remember these suckers as my Breakfast Club-like buddies. Always. I wouldn't have ever thought that I'd make some good memories in detention, heh.

Now that he's back, it'll be one hell of a ride. If I'm being honest, I'm actually kind of excited for his arrival!

Edit: I told Elías about Stephen's arrival & he just... His reaction was priceless! :^) when he calmed down he just said, "at least I don't have to deal with him anymore. Thank fucking God I graduated!" before locking himself in his room, bwaha