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2014-12-20 08:29:49 (UTC)


so I have a boyfriend. At 25. Lol. he's 29 - turned in december 9th.

I'm still the same. it hasn't changed me. Well, other than having what feels like a genuine understanding of cheesy love songs. I can actually understand it now, when they're singing about wanting to be 'nowhere else but here with you... etc etc' or 'can't you out of my mind' those were just words that I only understood on a superficial level, before. but now they mean something.

it's pretty chaste how we met - at tyln's house party the first weekend of august. I arrived late, with Jeff. He opened the door for us and I think i said we're here for Tn's and he made some kind of joke like teasing or something which i can't remember now. He said his name was chls. I remember thinking he was fit, in that understated kinda way. it was his eyes i noticed. We spoke on and off at the party but I remember at one point thinking that he didn't really like me. Jeff mentioned that he thought ch liked this other girl who later turned out to be one of his flatmates. watching them, i started to think so too. She definitely liked him is what i thought though. Anyway at a few points we started talking. we talked about what we both did. i couldn't reallt gather what it was he did, it was a whole agglomeration of stuff. at certain points i remember calling it quits in my mind, cos I thought he talked about himself quite a bit, plus was quite flirtatious with some of the girls at the party (who later turned out to be his flatmates). basically he gave off player vibes. I decided I fancied him after a few more chats, but couldn't decide whether or not he felt the same way. I do remember though at one point I went to sit down on the couch and he came and sat down too after he saw me there. and i remember thinking 'aha'. that he might jsut like me too. not because he sat on the couch, but cos of the way in which he did it. with the other girls he was gregarious and loud, and with me he was somewhat quiet, pensive. so we sat there side by side, mumbling at each other through the loud music, before i eventually got up for some more food. Then before i knew it, some people were getting ready to bounce, and he came over and said 'hey i'm gonna boogie, gimme your email' then handed me his phone. at first i wasn't sure cos i didn't hear him properly so i just stood there looking at him, as he held out his hand. then i took his phone and wrote my email address. He sent me an email with 'yazzle' so that i had his. then he left. And that was that.

I knew i wanted to see him again, this time on his own and with all his attention. so i waited to email him. i decided to email him asking for career advice....uhmmhmm. i did so on monday saying 'it was lovely meeting you on saturday night etc. etc.' then i suggested we meet during the week. he seemed happy to meet although not that excited it seemed. I felt like i had to push - make all the plans, what time, where, when. At one point in the week i thought 'nah this isn't going to happen' he's one of those slippery types.