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2014-12-20 07:33:18 (UTC)

Saturday morn before Xmas '14

When i went to visit Olv at the strip in soho one evening, she was enjoying a visit from one of her many random male admirers. I can't remember his name although I remember him well enough. He was tall, very middle-aged - mid-early fifties i'd say, and relatively good-looking in that paternal kind of way although not my type... face was slightly on the bulbous-y side. His particular interest in Olv was clear, (eyes literally sparkled as he spoke to her) as was his delight in being at this strip joint. The three of us were talking and I was in a probing mood. I asked him the obvious (or at least what i felt was the obvious): Why do you come here? His answer made me roll my eyes and laugh privately, though i maintained my probing and encouraging expression... . He tried to intellectualise and glorify his reasons for, and his experience of being there. Something along the lines of he 'though the girls were very interesting and fascinating people who he genuinely enjoyed talking to'. Feeling bold, I asked 'does your wife know you're here? (he wore a wedding band). And he very sheepishly replied that she didn't. I couldn't work out whether the look on this face was a look of genuine regret or if it was feigned. this man owned a publishing company and olv wanted to be a writer/journalist, so i suppose she knew he'd be a useful person to have around.

I'm not sure why i started thinking of that. It's 7.33am in the morn. I woke up about half an hr before that to use the bathroom then couldn't go back to sleep. It's always the way - i'm ever so exhausted but some how my body is used to running on just 5-6.5 hrs sleep that despite that exhaustion, if i get up to use the loo around 7am then that's it. I'm up. my mind is awake. Running with all the things I want to do, and all the things I need to do. which let's face it, at this point is so so much.

Need to do:
book megabus for bris
pay rent
book skn peel
take out hr
book face. skhlthspa
collect doxy prescp.
book flights to holiday next yr
do spanish
write emails etc. work
call up hotel people and change booking

want to do:
Leave this fucking country
app stuff