the truth
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2014-12-19 23:52:58 (UTC)


lost love. everyone has had or will experience the feeling of lost love. it could be with a friend boyfriend or girlfriend. or a crush. my lost love is with the girl and guy I love. I know what you are thinking. how could I be in love with a girl and a buy at the same time well I am. I have loved this girl for a while she knows and I told her that I still loved her. and the guy now. well we are dating and I love him. But I don't love him as much as I thought. and he doesn't love me as much as I do. I can see that now. he dos not love me because he loves his ex. and I know this because I have seen the way they look at each other. maybe I am imagining this, but I don't think I could imagine something that hurts me as much as this. The truth is I love someone else and I don't think anyone knows how much I love her. she makes even the worst days seem like nothing. just seeing her beautiful face can bring a smile to my face. and we have kissed. but there is one thing standing in the way. the guy he does not know this, and I don't plan on telling him. but if I could say one thing to him about this is that I do love him but my lost love is out there and she is waiting for me to woman up and say that I love her. but anyway lost love.

lost love you don't know who or when it is going to happen but when it dose it hurts more than I can describe. it physical hurts. or the rage that you feel to that person hurts you more then it hurts them. when the person you love withdraws from your life the pain kicks in with in seconds. watching the person that you love leave you behind and more one with someone else. that is a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy