Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2014-09-01 23:08:29 (UTC)

Orphans Kiss

It's been ages since I've written anything.

My grandfather has died. I've moved some 7000km's away from where I was. I am, I suppose, where I've always been. Lost in a haze of my own making. Things will get better, they could be worse, much worse, but they are not.

So, here I sit, an orphan. In love with a girl who barely knows I exist, and is, oh so far away. I'm not good enough for her right now anyways. Maybe in a year or two, if she hasn't found someone else. I need to fix myself first, and that will require some hard choices. A therapist I think, I'd like to change the way I think.

So, nothing else really going on. I dated a girl, for a while, she, disappeared from, our social group, one person suggested I'd accidentally gotten her pregnant she'd had an abortion. I would have said if she'd ever returned my calls, emails or text, if true, that it was ok and she needn't turn into a ghost, were that the issue. I suspect a more, less interesting reason. I think she just got bored of me.

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