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2014-12-16 00:51:19 (UTC)

12/9/14 Tuesday

I feel so bad now. he didn't even text or call. Until i found out i left chanel bag at his house and text him but he still didn't reply. Called him after I left Chinatown. He still didn't pick up. What the fuck. How stupid I am to believe everything he said. What kind of master he is! I feel so stupid and sad. Wasn't Happy About 阿细 treating me like a pr girl too and having a bf. But that's nothing compare to Roger. Slept until 2. Woke up around noon, he still didn't reply. Finally called me back at 2. Explained He Was Sleeping Until now. Feel much better now. The outbreak is bothering me. I should tell doc later. Found out I have clamydia. Shit, only i wait one more day to have sex with him. She perscribed me medicine. A customer asked me to come work so decided to come. Hot pot garden with Roger. Don't know if we can have a real relationship, I'm hoping.