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2014-08-02 15:26:45 (UTC)

8.1.14 Friday

He asked me to go dim sum but had to come back to visit hui. He took me to my car at eplus. Drive back. Bought masubi to go. Met with his sister. Visited him. He doesn't look 23, he is not cute, has bad teeth, why I love him so much? Office. Home get ready for dinner with Albert. Sam was talking sweet and planned what to do after I get off. I was in a good mood because no headache. Was looking forward to spend time with Sam. Japanese dinner was good. But work turned out not good. Only 3 tables and Peter didn't pay. Also Sam wasn't coming again. I was so pissed that decided to go home with Albert. I think I was mad at him and deleted him. So drunk but drove to hid apartment. Nothing happened. Albert was planning things to do. I don't know if we gonna be in a relationship or what? But I have hui hui? Drove home. Phil said dinner but now maybe.

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