2014-12-14 02:32:48 (UTC)


Dare to be the right person our Lord & Savior intended you to be...With knowing that in the back of your mind you will overcome insecurity, as his purpose of confidence is reflected in what he desires as right rather than emotionally out of focus. There is a reason why you fret over these insecurities, to we accept your Divinity as one approved and the love we share together we will be cleansed...Take a look at how you believe in your faith, is it torment or do you acknowledge it as the key that opens the door to a supreme being.

Ask your self this...What do you hope to endure in life? What really is your true purpose in this life beyond what was entitled to you with the light that truly does shine on as the mighty sun dips its way beyond the sea of reality & the dream we share.

What do we say than about this divine courage? How can we reflect his courage? Yes by faith. All obstacles lead to a brand new day with the power of the holy spirit guiding you until you finally realize you are free from that torment to be the best you can be. Yes with confidence & living a life of purpose to fulfill his most deepest trust in the warrior within spreads it's wings to enjoy your divinity as on accepted and loved by the community that we live in as home sweet home...Please don't worry over something that has it's true divinity as accepted to all with out fear and with that courage to see the open road of freedom manifested in your life as a believer in your faith...Therefore; GO FOR IT !!!