A lady in the crowd
2014-12-13 01:11:17 (UTC)

A Jolly Good Day.

Each morning I make the biggest decision of my life. To be happy in this precious momentum. I find that the harder I work, is the more luck that I seem to have.

This week has been filled with glory and happiness. I found myself flabbergasted when I was given an academic reward as student of the month for Advance Placement World History. My Grandmother feels proud of me; it touches my heart to see that gigantic smile on her lips.

After going to the student of the month assembly, I did volunteer hours at Enrique Camerena's public library. We hosted a full house annual Christmas event. I met, Mary, a senior from the Calexico High School Campus. Her skin was slightly tan, her hair a dark brown, her long locks were untamed and tangled. She wore a nursing uniform however her short height made it look as if the uniform was a Halloween costume. We carried a good conversation about the Bill Gates scholarship. She spoke about writing ten personal statement essays, also about how she needed more volunteer hours in her application.

Gustavo and I ran the entire way to Joeys house at Rockwood avenue. Elidia, Elliot, Joey, Gustavo, and I hung out during the early afternoon. The atmosphere carried a good sense of humer and the right type of music was blasting such as, "Welcome To The Black Parade," By My Chemical Romance.

~Yours Truly,