My Chemical Love
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2014-12-09 21:07:45 (UTC)

HI! and other stuff

Hey random people who are probably not going to even read this. oh well. My therapist just told me to find a place where i can write whats going on in my life where my parents can't find it! i don't think they even know what the internet is much less how to tell if your eldest daughter has a diary on it, which is good.
so i guess its highly recommended to write down what happened to make you all depressed and stuff so...ill start at the beginning i suppose.

well, I'm not going to tell you who i am because thats pretty redundant since pen name and all so.

My parents were married for eight years before they had me. i wasn't my moms first child though. she had a daughter and a son before me all three of us had different dads. well my parents got a shock when they had me cause wow! there were two of me. we were twins. ill call my twin..hmmm ill call her miranda. She was born on december 31st and i was born on january 1st. about an hour apart.

Shortly after our first birthday they started fighting a lot. they both got abusive of each other. They were also both into drugs. dad smoked alot of weed and some other stuff i guess like inhalants. but my mom stuck to alcohol and prescription drugs. i remember hearing a story from my older sister...lets call her madison. (i like m names ^.^) it was about how one time dad was asleep on his stomach and momma jumped on his back and started beating him in the back with a steel toed boot. must have hurt his feelings cuz they were divorced maybe six months later.

Momma took everything. he managed to hold on to partial custody of me but for some reason neither one of them brought up miranda in the court. so mom kept full custody of her. i guess dad didn't want to help raise two of us..although he did pay child support for both of us. I would visit dad twice a month for a few days then spend the rest of the time in my mommas cramped apartment with the other three kids.

more later. dads home so i can't keep typing.

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