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2014-12-08 07:48:48 (UTC)

Sunday Type Of Love. 12-07-14

My alarm clock awoke me at six in the morning. I stretched my sore body and had a naked yoga session. I decided to take my first ice bath today; fuck me Jimmy! I've never trembled so tremendously. However the results were worthy; I felt less sore. Afterwards I finished reading Chapter 17 for my AP World History course.

I'm no angel with a hallow, yet I proceeded to attend church with Mara Sanchez. Theirs a spiritual feeling of tranquility when I'm within church walls.

Mara had told me the most sweetest words.
"You're like a daughter to me, and seeing you grow up is beautiful. Doll, time flies but I want to let you know that you can count on me. Anything you Anne, I'll be here. We have each other's backs." She genuinely said
"You have my word I've got your back. " I told Mara as I gave her a huge smile.

My schedule had been bulked up today, so as soon as I arrived home my guitar teacher, Andres, was knocking on my door. He bought me a guitar pick and we had shortened our two hour session into one. I quickly ate Grandmother's freshly cooked shrimp soup. Then I scurried off to Ernestina's house to met up with my cast for my playwright. Our performance is less than a week away, which is making all of us anxious. Our advisor choose us as the opening act. Therefore theirs a bit more pressure focusing on "Shouting Voices Upon My Mind."

This late afternoon, I felt generous, so I decided to help out my grandmother by doing chores. I'm the reason behind her migraines so this is the least I can offer. I took out the trash, washed the dishes, vacuumed the household, dusted the furniture, re-arranged my room, cleaned all of my shoes, did the laundry, and I picked up the endless landmines of dog shit because my Grandmother already has enough shit to deal with in her life.

Finally, came the highlight of my day. Sammy Villasenor and I our officially dating. I did something I have never done before; something that frightened me a little. We became online official!

~Yours truly,