A lady in the crowd
2014-12-07 07:53:07 (UTC)

Falling For A Traitor.

Falling For A Traitor

Some woman die
Under the mountains
Searching for gold
Others die searching for a hand to hold
Relentlessly looking
Only to be accompanied
By bad company
A heartless man named Manuel
Dispute the circumstances Skyler knew.

He'll keep making the same mistakes
Taking for granted that she'll always manage to understand
In despite of being exhausted
From all neglectful acts
Skyler's unable to walk away

She can't help falling in love with him

She loves his company
Having a warm hand to hold
Sharing laughter throughout tough times of depression
He was her motive behind waking up each morning
he was the reason behind her smile.
Despite his eyes that read
She stayed by his side

This night is different,
Manuel's has run off tonight
his presence returns at dawn
An essence of whiskey
He punches her soft childlike skinned face
Breaking her front teeth
Dragging her throughout the house
Having a strong grip on her hair
Ripping chunks of her long brown locks
Screaming at her with his loudest voice
"You're to blame for all this grief!"
Spitting on her blood-filled face

He's only got anger issues
He couldn't control it
This won't happen again
An on cue monotone "I'm sorry beautiful please don't leave."
Works every single time.

~Yours truly,