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2014-12-06 18:07:53 (UTC)


This new component is becoming a vital factor as a competitive weapon in our industry. This new imperative, we believe, is slowly becoming a world wide Phenomena, waiting for Love. This will enlighten the overall idea & bring in to light the concept of "The Living Again Theory"...
With this new contribution, we hope to make, as leaders. We must build & maintain this "Black Diamond Theory", as unique and genuine as Core Knowledge unfolds it's wings of beauty. Bravo. Our leadership of Integrity stands free.

So we say~ The STRAYPOWER LEGACY believes this new era of research will call for the return to the most fundamental principles of leaders. This integrity is and has been established in our communities and our families and for nations world wide.

This observation discovered and as you read these new passages you will see this theory thrive and prosper as the journey into the 'Phenomena of Life" continues Self Empowerment. Therefore; Mission Accomplished...

Yours Truly.Don.Larsen/STRAYPOWER
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