A lady in the crowd
2014-12-05 13:53:46 (UTC)

I'm Strange.

I'm a young lady with an outrageous character. An unusual lady who has many thoughts that are considered to be a mentality of a man. The thing is when you're raised in a military family; attitude is different. That's when it becomes hard to be a sensible weak girl wearing her heart on her shoulder. I am taught to not only fight against the enemy, but to overcome prejudice.

At times it appears as insensibility, and maybe it's true. It depends how someone views me under their microscopic eyes. Perhaps it's honesty which can be a burden speaking with cold truths. When my word's aren't sugar quoted and the artificial flavor is running low.

I dress in outfits that fit my mood. Except for the times I wear feminine clothing. Wearing my hair styled up and my make-up that plugs my pores. Tight skirts, dresses, and designer tops that combine. It's like a disguise and a made up plastic doll. Like a big act to please society.

I take off my disguise. Momentums where I find myself being who I really am, like when running to Calexico's cemetery. It's important to spend a little more time making something of myself, and to spend less time being an ass kisser who try's to impress.

~Yours truly,