A lady in the crowd
2014-12-04 06:25:36 (UTC)

Curiosity From A Journal.

In the end my greatest pain becomes one of my most powerful strengths.
Today Rose told me, "Anne never try to never bite off more than you can chew."
I responded by saying, "I'd rather die challenging myself than to nibble on mediocrity." I understand that Rose worries about me yet she should understand my mentality. I'm not one who settles in a comfort zone. I push out of the boundaries of my comfort zone for my personal entertainment.

Sammy Villasenor Sanchez is a senior who's graduating Calexico High School next year. He's a guitarist and a poet. I met him in drama club, because he's a writer for one of the manuscripts. This morning he gave me a thin journal. Their was mostly poetry in Spanish and little in English. One of his passages caught my eyes attention.

"If you read this, look at the owners eyes; Try to find what he hides. If you think that this is a lie, then pardon me but you're wrong. I don't play games, but have in mind this note leads to finding a secret scar."

A mysterious one aren't you fellow. I wonder what's behind Sammy Villasenor's secrets. I'm admire his writings yet I'm intervened to find out what thoughts lie behind his smirk.

~Yours truly,